Do I need school to be...


July 29, 2021 Alex Villacís Season 1 Episode 0
Do I need school to be...
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Get a taste of the conversation that will be featured on 'Do I need school to be...'
A weekly podcast where Alex talks to people in the creative field about their journey learning their trade, the experiences that shaped them and the future of education.

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Future Guest 1:

It has to innovate it has to match what we can get for free, if not better.

Future Guest 2:

My original education is I got a Bachelor of Fine Arts in design, which is just how the school I went to was everyone got a BFA, because we were a faculty of Fine Arts.

Future Guest 3:

I had the typical nine to five office job and I was like well, you know, I want to do something else.

Future Guest 4:

Yeah, I'm just I decided long ago to to focus on music, and it worked out for me.

Future Guest 5:

So I had this journey, all the way from my school to my art school days where I started off...