Do I need school to be...

co-hosts of a podcast? with Glenn and Isabella from TeenUp

April 27, 2022 Alex Villacís Season 1 Episode 30
Do I need school to be...
co-hosts of a podcast? with Glenn and Isabella from TeenUp
Show Notes

This week we have not one but two guests on the pod. In this episode you’ll hear me talking to Glenn and Isabella from Teen Up. A podcast that digs deeper into the teenagers' minds about the wonders of the world. As teenagers, we are constantly thinking about questions that are sometimes too hard to comprehend. Glenn and Isabella are here to tell you what they think and discuss the possible answers to these ponderable questions. There's a topic every month and a new episode every Thursday, same as this show! This episode is a little bit different from the previous ones but we still go deep into our topic and just all around have a good time. 

On this interview we spoke about:

  • Why Glenn and Isabella stared their podcast
  • How they learned to produce a high-quality show
  • What they think as teens about education
  • What their expectations are about the next stage of their journey and how the podcast might be a part of it

Want to learn more about Glenn and Isabella and their podcast? Here are some links:

Isabella and Glenn’s recommendations:
‘Call me by your name’, the Movie
‘Call me by your name’, the book
‘Steal like an Artist’ by Austin Kleon
How to Do Nothing, resisting the attention economy’ by Jenny Odell

Some podcasts Isabella and Glenn enjoy:
Hidden Brain from NPR
Better Late Than Never! 

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Special thank you to Ro Halfhide for the music on this show and to Immaculate Lemaron for proofreading the transcripts and helping this podcast be as accessible as possible.

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